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Old Leather Tannery - Morocco

One of the most interesting sites in Morocco is the Chouara Tannery, the oldest leather tannery in the world. The view over the balcony allows those watching to see a site that has not changed since the 11th century.
Fezís tannery is composed of numerous stone vessels filled with a vast range of dyes and various liquids. It should be noted that smell is not for the weak of stomach, so itís best to accept the sprigs of mint offered at the door before taking in the sights. Dozens of men, many standing waist deep in dyes, work under the hot sun tending to the hides that remain soaked in the vessels. Men work in unbearably hot conditions (in the summer - 40 degrees and above). The tanneries processes the skin of cows, sheep, goats and camels, turning them into high quality leather products. This is all achieved manually and the process has barely changed since medieval times, which makes this tanneries absolutely fascinating to visit. MOROCCO 2008

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