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The Bazaar of the Serenades - Albania

Korça is an Albanian city on the border between Albania, Greece and Macedonia. It is known for its bazaar but unfortunately it is now in a state of near-neglect. In the collective memory of the older Albanians it remained as the old Pazar or more romantically the Bazar of the Serenades. The Korça bazaar is now a market, like many others in Albania: makeshift stalls covered with plastic sheets, markets still called "refugee markets". The term refers to the emigrants of the early 90s, who when they returned to their homeland often brought with them Western consumer goods that they then sold. Now it's not like that anymore, but the term has remained. In fact, the activity of the bazaar takes place almost entirely among the stalls. Only a few blacksmiths have remained of the artisans, many peasants from the surrounding area turn to him, to buy useful tools for an agriculture that is often only of mere subsistence. ALBANIA 2015

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